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What can you possibly say about vintage American porn? It’s not a big secret that the US is the world’s leading country when it comes to pretty much anything. The USA excels at everything. You don’t need to name names, the mere existence of the country itself is testimony enough. The adult entertainment business is not an exception – The Land of the Free was at the forefront of the political and sexual revolution right from the jump, and remained at the forefront of trends in the decades that followed. The vintage scenes produced in the US are equal parts slick and scrappy, polished and raw, and, above all, THRILLING. Folks from the US really understand what is entertainment value and how it influences the psyche of a viewer. Unsurprisingly, there are loads of films out there that deserved 5/5 ratings from both critics and casual porn watchers. We have them all at the ready right here.

This section is filled with the hottest American movies from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. You can pick and choose between multiple categories; hardcore, softcore, lesbian, and so forth. We tried to make sure that there’s enough exciting pornography for just about every taste, no matter what that taste might be. You will be surprised to learn that interracial pornography, for example, was even more popular in the 1970s than it is now. Don’t be intimidated if you haven’t seen some of the classics that most people tout as THE definitive classics. There are a lot of people out there who watch porn from time to time – most have no idea what some of their favorite flicks are or what constitutes as a ‘classic’. You can catch up on forgotten gems and let them inspire your tastes without feeling as if you’re being judged. It’s a great option that our XXX site gives each and every single one of our visitors.

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