1990s Angelique Ricard Cassandra Del Rio Cory Monroe Lois Ayres Michael Mann Pasha Lee Philip Ford Sharon Mitchell Shaun Easton Sylvia Holland Tex Anthony USA

National Transsexual – 1990

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National Transsexual - 1990

National Transsexual

Year: 1990

These gorgeous she-males are halfway towards womanhood, but also halfway to manhood. 6 ass-pounding scenes of chicks with dicks sucking and fucking till they cum!

Performers: Angelique Ricard, Cassandra Del Rio, Cory Monroe, Lois Ayres, Michael Mann, Pasha Lee, Philip Ford, Sharon Mitchell, Shaun Easton, Sylvia Holland, Tex Anthony

Size: 1.7 GiB Duration: 73 min Resolution: 768×576 Format video: MP4

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