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France is a fine, fine country. It’s well known for its culture, fine cuisine, wine, and many other things as well, but let’s take this moment to talk about its pornographic scene. While it’s not as pervy as German porn, where nearly every movie is filled with fucked-up fetish shit, it’s still able to push the envelope on a regular basis. While it’s nowhere near as passionate as Italian porn, it still offers some real zealous action. In other words, France retro movies manage to somehow combine all the positives of vintage scenes from other countries without retaining any of the negatives and with adding the comfort and safety of mainstream pornography. Also, there’s a special brand of flair/style that’s exclusive to French porn and films. Many critics and experts in French porn have been raving about these French scenes since the early ’70s, but it’s okay if you’re only now beginning to discover the hotness of these scenes. It’s never too late to familiarize yourself with this love, and in the meantime, you can check out the top 20 best French porn scenes of all time on this very website… or you can continue reading about all the things that we can offer in exchange for your time!

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