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The ’80s were a decade of excess. This decade influenced pop culture in indelible ways. From Japanese anime finally reaching mainstream status in the US to artists like The Smiths to the outrageous extravagance of early ’80s proms, there was an abundance of excess to consume in all forms. The trends of self-discovery and self-orientation continued from the previous decade and only became bigger, bolder, and more possible. The decade gave us the rise of sci-fi and many other things that helped to shape our present day. As far as the political landscape goes, we were saddled with Ronald Reagan, a man who had no compunction about telling people they could go to hell for their sins. His campaign was based on a longing for the past and it served to fuel this sub-culture of nostalgia and love for the ’60s. Also, Mister Gorbachev almost turned the USSR into a somewhat democratic country and not a totally totalitarian shithole (of course, that didn’t mean to last).

Thanks to all those totally radical things, the pornographic scenes of that decade also have a very distinct look and feel to them. You are going to be blown away by the spectacle that pornography of the 1980s delivered on a daily basis. We are absolutely in the heart of the decade and we know what’s going to make your dick twitch with excitement. For our selection of porn from the ’80s, we picked only some of the most popular and most enduring videos. There was so much eroticism in those ’80s that we can only show you a small handful without overloading our website.

Hot Movies with Perfect Women

One of the best things about this selection of smut is that we personally handpick the scenes that we feel should be highlighted. It’s our pleasure to offer you every kind of sexual interest that was being portrayed in that wild decade. Even if you’re a total perv that has the strangest fetishes, you are still going to find something that gets you turned on. We are also always going to ensure that you’re getting a good variety. Although the primary focus of this selection is hot porn that features women that fuck men, there is a solid deal of smut that is more suited for queer people and deals with that kinda action. We are very open-minded about all the VHS rips that are available around those parts.

Not only that, but we also make sure that the updates are of the highest quality. Porn is ever-changing, so there is always a need to look back at our past in order to keep up with the times. That way, we can move forward while also appreciating the legacy of decades past. Anyway, yeah, we always make sure that the porn is the hottest and whatnot, but we also make sure that it’s added on a regular enough basis. You get frequent updates to remind you that it used to be better.

Go ahead and pick one of the totally badical porn scenes from the ’80s that we have on hand for you. These scenes will provide you with entertainment and passion that is sorely lacking in modern pornography. Hit the download button and you’ll get the full feel of what that decade felt like in terms of smut!