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Voluptuous Vera – 1975

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Voluptuous Vera - 1975

Voluptuous Vera

Also Known As:
Vera, Vera

Year: 1975

Voluptuous Vera is a movie about Suzanne Fields’s sexual life. She’s a horny lady with naughty fantasies! 4 unique scenes starring her will let you travel in her magic world!

Performers: Bill Pruner, Buddy Boone, Lagusa Bendova, Nora Wieternik, Suzanne Fields, Tricia Opal

Size: 2.4 GiB Duration: 57 min Resolution: 1920×1080 Format video: MP4

Voluptuous Vera - 1975_thumb

Download link:

Voluptuous Vera – 1975.mp4

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