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Teacher’s Pet Lesson 1 – 1994 – Rodney Moore

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Teacher's Pet Lesson 1 - 1994 - Rodney Moore

Teacher’s Pet Lesson 1

Year: 1994

Lesson 1a

Melissa wants to learn all about sex, and how to please her man. Lucky Rodney gets to teach this beautiful young girl how to moan while her pussy is licked, how to suck on a big cock, and how to fuck in lots of positions. For her final exam, she gets a Rodney Blast all over her face.

Lesson 1b

Gorgeous long-haired Wednesday can afford the finer things in life, including her own personal pussy licker. Her dark hairy bush becomes a dense rain forest when she as Tom stuff his big member deep inside her ass. He drenches her with a downpour of cum.

Lesson 1c

Siberian sweetheart Sonja gets the teacher treatment from Rodney, he shows her how her big natural breasts should be handled, then she handles his cock and puts it lovingly into her mouth. He crams it into her pussy, then she crams for her final exam, a Rodney Blast in her mouth!

Lesson 1d

Pretty young Lynx is so excited because Coach Vlad wants to make her “head” cheerleader. Vlad gets excited when Lynx gives him “head”. She practices her routine while riding his cock. Give her a “C”, a “U”, an “M”, give her CUM – shot on her face.

Lesson 1e

Carly demands that Rodney brings her a present, before allowing him sex. He gets her an enormous jelly dildo, which he stuffs in her mouth and pussy. Rodney gets rewarded with her asshole, which he thankfully plows with his penis. He cums all over the dildo, hen she sucks it dry.

Performers: Carly, Lynx Dyan, Melissa Hill, Rodney Moore, Sonja, Tom, Victor Rocksoff, Vladimir, Wednesday

Director: Rodney Moore

Size: 1.2 GiB Duration: 118 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

Teacher's Pet Lesson 1 - 1994 - Rodney Moore_thumb

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