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Love Mistress – 1989 – Roy Karch

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Love Mistress - 1989 - Roy Karch

Love Mistress

Year: 1989

The lovely Mistress serves as a female lover and companion as people come to her and pay for sexual services. Her specialties are for people who are going through a bad marriage or relationship that are in need of some advice or sexual satisfaction. In this movie the mistress meets with her clients but helps one couple regain their sexual spark. This classic plot film has it from oral to anal sex. Enjoy!

Performers: Champagne, Donna N., Jessica B, K.C. Cool, Marc Wallice, Rachel Ryan, Rick Daniels

Director: Roy Karch

Size: 1.2 GiB Duration: 89 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

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Love Mistress – 1989 – Roy Karch.mp4

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