1970s Arcadia Lake Christie Ford David Pierce Debbie Revenge Eric Edwards Fred Fagen Greg Smith Heather Young Herschel Savage Jake Teague John Kramer Joy Anderson Kasey Rodgers Patty Boyd R. Bolla Rikki O'Neal Roger Caine Ron Hudd Roy Stuart Samantha Fox USA Valentino

Satin Suite – 1979 – Bill Eagle

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Satin Suite – 1979 – Bill Eagle

Satin Suite

Year: 1979

Sandra (Heather Young) a beautiful young model, comes to “Eighteen Magazine” for a job. In the Rothwell empire that controls the magazine. Lauren Falconetti (Samantha Fox) is the top dog. But being the top dog in an office full of bitches is not enough for Lauren! She wants the whole thing. In her fight to climb to the “Satin Suite,” Lauren bites, scratches, and claws her way to the top!

Performers: Arcadia Lake, Christie Ford, David Pierce, Debbie Revenge, Eric Edwards, Fred Fagen, Greg Smith, Roger Caine, Jake Teague, John Kramer, Joy Anderson, Kasey Rodgers, Heather Young, R. Bolla, Rikki O’Neal, Ron Hudd, Roy Stuart, Samantha Fox, Patty Boyd, Valentino, Herschel Savage

Director: Bill Eagle

Size: 905 Mb Duration: 84 min Resolution: 704×480 Format video: MP4

Satin Suite – 1979 – Bill Eagle.mp4

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Satin Suite – 1979 – Bill Eagle.mp4

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