1990s Amber Woods Brooke Waters Dave Hardman Debi Diamond Jordan Lee Luc Wylder Teri Diver Tiffany Million Tony Tedeschi USA

Hourman – 1994 – Teri Diver, Tom Elliot

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Hourman - 1994 - Teri Diver, Tom Elliot


Also Known As:
Hourman Is Here

Year: 1994

Hourman – he’s a brand new kind of superhero. The kind that takes his time! In a world where super hero’s are a dime a dozen but women go unsatisfied, there’s a desperate need for Hourman and his extra special ability – to stay hard for a whole hour! Whenever vibrators break down, wherever there’s a pussy unfilled, there will be HOURMAN!

Performers: Amber Woods, Brooke Waters, Dave Hardman, Debi Diamond, Jordan Lee, Luc Wylder, Teri Diver, Tony Tedeschi, Tiffany Million

Director: Teri Diver, Tom Elliot

Size: 1.6 GiB Duration: 90 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

Hourman - 1994 - Teri Diver, Tom Elliot_thumb

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Hourman – 1994 – Teri Diver, Tom Elliot.mp4

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