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Gold Diggers – 1996 – Stoney Curtis

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Gold Diggers – 1996 – Stoney Curtis

Gold Diggers

Year: 1996

Let’s face it, when it comes to having power in this world, it’s the babes who have it, and they carry it between their legs! Why work hard hall your life to make your fortune when you can get what you want right now with your perfect body and desire to be as nasty as you possibly can? Here, in GOLDDIGGERS, master storyteller Cheeks unravels 7 tales of ladies who know money when they smell it – and will do anything to get their hands on it. And we mean anything…

Performers: Ariel Daye, Davia Ardell, Holly Body, Jill Kelly, Lana Sands, Missy, Sid Deuce, Yvonne

Director: Stoney Curtis

Size: 1.4 GiB Duration: 115 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

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