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7 Into Snowy – 1977 – Antonio Shepherd

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7 Into Snowy – 1977 – Antonio Shepherd

7 Into Snowy

Year: 1977

A Fairy Tale For Grown-ups!

This modern-day update of Snow White features luscious Abigail Clayton as an ingnue dominated by her stepmother (Kay Parker). Jealous of her stepdaughters beauty, mom strikes back with a plan to sexually exhaust the young lady. Instead, she provides her with a nonstop orgy of purely pleasurable sex! A classic!

Performers: Abigail Clayton, Bonnie Holiday, Kristine Heller, Kay Parker

Director: Antonio Shepherd

Size: 831 Mb Duration: 77 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

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7 Into Snowy – 1977 – Antonio Shepherd.mp4

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