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Wet Science – 1986 – Flesh Flasher

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Wet Science – 1986 – Flesh Flasher

Wet Science

Year: 1986

Candie and Marc are a young couple who break down in the middle of nowhere. As they wander unsuspectingly towards a big house, they are unaware that a mad scientist (Erica Boyer) is aiming her secret ray in their way. When she isn’t zapping people with sex rays, Erica try’s out her new assistant. (Karen Summer). Erica works her lesbian magic on the petite little nurse. Erica is a depraved professor working on her latest experiment!

Performers: Blake Palmer, Bunny Bleu, Candie Evens, Erica Boyer, Karen Summer, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Tony Montana

Director: Flesh Flasher

Size: 1.3 GiB Duration: 71 min Resolution: 720×480 Format video: MP4

Wet Science – 1986 – Flesh Flasher_scrlist

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Wet Science – 1986 – Flesh Flasher.mp4

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