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Virgins – 1988 – Ron Jeremy

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Virgins – 1988 – Ron Jeremy


Year: 1988

What is it like when a girl does her very first x-rated movie? Can she get sexually turned on? Can she even perhaps get off! These are some questions that adult film connoisseurs always ask. In this video through interviews by Ron Jeremy, before and after the sex scenes (in fact… right after, with sperm still on their attractive bodies) we learn the answers to these questions! You may see these women again, in other videos, but keep in mind… this was their first virgin film!!!

Performers: Aja, Tiger Lilly, Busty Belle, David Morris, Red Newkirk, Rick Savage, Rocky DeLorenzo, Ron Jeremy, Rosemary Dillon, Timitha, Tracey Anne

Director: Ron Jeremy

Size: 692 Mb Duration: 74 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

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Virgins – 1988 – Ron Jeremy.mp4

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