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Virgin Dreams – 1976 – Zebedy Colt

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Virgin Dreams – 1976 – Zebedy Colt

Virgin Dreams

Year: 1976

Jean Jennings was one of the most gorgeous early porn starlets, a youthful stunner who left the scene after only a few features. ‘Virgin Dreams’ stands out as one of her hottest performances ever, a torrid and moody tale of a young woman’s sexual awakening. Jean plays a gal who keeps having vivid carnal dreams, wild visions of utter debauchery that she can’t reconcile with her virginal ways. Her concerned parents try and find help for her – but keep letting their own libidos get in the way! In the end, Jean’s fantasies come to life in a scintillating finale! The line between truth and fiction blurs as Jean becomes a creature of pure sensual satisfaction, her Virgin Dreams giving way to sexual reality – thanks to Wade Nichols.

Performers: Gloria Leonard, Philip Marlowe, Jean Jennings, Larry Cox, Roger Coty, Steve Richards, Suzanne McBain, Terri Hall, Wade Nichols, Zebedy Colt

Director: Zebedy Colt

Size: 1 GiB Duration: 84 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

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