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Unveiled – 1986 – Victor Nye

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Unveiled – 1986 – Victor Nye


Year: 1986

Masters of erotic filmmaking, Suze Randall and Victor Nye present Unveiled, a sensuous look into the wild lives of some of the most beautiful women of the 80s! Join the ravishing Erica Boyer, along with Taija Rae, Francois Papillon and Mike Horner for a look inside a lusty fashion show, a kinky office rendezvous, and an exotic ‘masked ball’ where ribald lovers play a seductive guessing game.

Performers: Alexis Greco, Billy Dee, David Scott, Erica Boyer, Francois, Jason Riley, Krista Lane, Mai Lin, Mike Horner, Nikki Knight, Patti Petite, Taija Rae

Director: Victor Nye

Size: 2.6 GiB Duration: 75 min Resolution: 1280×720 Format video: MP4

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Unveiled – 1986 – Victor Nye.mp4

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