1990s Ariana Chad Thomas Christi Lake Felecia Frank Towers Jill Kelly Kia Kylie Ireland Luc Wylder Misty Rain Sahara Sands Steven Wolfe USA Vienna Hall

Telephone Expose – 1996 – Veronica Hart

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Telephone Expose - 1996 - Veronica Hart

Telephone Expose

Year: 1996

Also Known As:
Escandalo erotico

Performers: Ariana, Chad Thomas, Christi Lake, Felecia, Frank Towers, Jill Kelly, Kia, Kylie Ireland, Luc Wylder, Misty Rain, Sahara Sands, Steven Wolfe, Vienna Hall

Director: Veronica Hart

Size: 1.3 GiB Duration: 97 min Resolution: 720×540 Format video: AVI

Telephone Expose - 1996 - Veronica Hart_thumb

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Telephone Expose – 1996 – Veronica Hart.avi

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