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Taxi Girls – 1979 – Jourdan Alexander

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Taxi Girls – 1979 – Jourdan Alexander

Taxi Girls

Year: 1979

Tired of the nightly hassles of walking the streets, a sexy hooker comes up with an idea for a unique taxi service that would facilitate her promiscuous vocation and make some money at the same time. She figures that if she and her come-hither cronies can remake themselves as taxi drivers, they’ll always have somewhere to take their johns – the back seat of the cab! The gals lavish their lusty attentions on a car dealer to get the price down, and soon they have a fleet of cabs combing the streets – and a sexy new business venture. The plot thickens when an angry group of rival male cabbies decide to take over. Of course the Taxi Girls seek revenge – with results that will leave you sweating ‘!

Performers: Aubrey Nichols, Chris Landau, Candida Royalle, Celest, Hillary Summers, Jolanda Borkhurst, Karen Marshall, Nancy Hoffman, Nancy Suiter, Pat Manning, Nicole Scent, Serena, Stacy Goldman, Svetlana

Director: Jourdan Alexander

Size: 1.2 GiB Duration: 82 min Resolution: 1280×720 Format video: MP4

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