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Stranger Beside Me – 1991 – Robert McCallum

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Stranger Beside Me - 1991 - Robert McCallum

Stranger Beside Me

Year: 1991

A flashing neon light… A seedy hotel room… A down and out excop with a chip on his shoulder and a bottle in his hand… and sex on his mind. Robert McCallum’s erotic tale of greed, decadence and seduction sinks deep into the sleazy underbelly of L.A.’s notorious tenderloin… where nothing is taboo… forbidden or even questioned… if you’ve got the price… the muscle… or both. It’s a case of who’s doing who… missing stiffs… 38′ specials & loose lips… With this kind of beat even Dirty Harry would break into a cold sweat…

Performers: Avalon, Dusty, James Lewis, Joey Murphy, Leanna Foxxx, Lois Ayres, Sandra Scream, TT Boy, Woody Long

Director: Robert McCallum

Size: 1 GiB Duration: 80 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MKV

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Stranger Beside Me – 1991 – Robert McCallum.mkv

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