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Roommates – 1981 – Chuck Vincent

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Roommates – 1981 – Chuck Vincent


Year: 1981

Roommates follows the trials and tribulations of three career-oriented women who share an apartment in New York. Billie (Samantha Fox) is in advertising but used to be a call-girl. Joan (Veronica Hart) is an aspiring actress who is having sex with her drama teacher and Sherry (Kelly Nichols) is a fashion model with a bad coke habit.

Roommates swept the AFAA awards when it came out and is as good a candidate for mainstream crossover as any classic title to this day. But, the movie was snubbed in large part by the adult industry for its realistic and sometimes unflattering treatment of sex. Chuck Vincent directs an all out indictment on male chauvinism and sexual double standards of the 1980s. Although all three women are strong and independent, they are still mistreated by a bevy of men with no scruples and low value systems. In fact, the only male character with any redeeming value in the movie is gay. Nevertheless, Vincent was able to coax top-notch performances from Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart, Kelly Nichols and Jerry Butler to create that rare breed of adult film where the sex scenes are part and parcel to the plot and character development. For anyone who thought adult film stars can’t act and the plots are useless, this movie is clearly the exception to the rule.

Performers: Gloria Leonard, Kelly Nichols, Margo Dumont, Merle Michaels, Patricia Dale, Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart

Director: Chuck Vincent

Size: 1.4 GiB Duration: 89 min Resolution: 720×480 Format video: MP4

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