1980s Anna Petrovna Christoph Clark Denise Dior Frank Balard Giusy Bella Guido Sem Italy Jean-Pierre Armand Karin Schubert Marina Hedman Massimo Lotti Roberto Malone Rosa Indelicato

Poker di donne – 1987 – Antonio D’Agostino

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Poker di donne - 1987 - Antonio D'Agostino

Poker di donne

Year: 1987

Performers: Anna Petrovna, Christoph Clark, Denise Dior, Frank Balard, Giusy Bella, Guido Sem, Jean-Pierre Armand, Karin Schubert, Marina Hedman, Massimo Lotti, Roberto Malone, Rosa Indelicato

Director: Antonio D’Agostino

Size: 1.1 GiB Duration: 77 min Resolution: 768×576 Format video: MKV

Poker di donne - 1987 - Antonio D'Agostino_thumb

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Poker di donne – 1987 – Antonio D’Agostino.mkv

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