1970s Barbara Carson Barry Christian Bonnie Gentrey Lincoln Walker Roger Caine USA Vanessa Del Rio

Jacquette – 1976 – Richard Mailer

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Jacquette - 1976 - Richard Mailer


Year: 1976

Also Known As:
Crystal Ball

A sexually engrossing film about one lady’s search for her erotic boundaries, and to what limit she will go! A stand out performance by Vanessa Del Rio as a fortune teller who has her way with a virile male customer! Don’t miss Goddess Vanessa Del Rio!!

Performers: Bonnie Gentrey, Vanessa del Rio, Barbara Carson, Lincoln Walker, Roger Caine, Barry Christian

Director: Richard Mailer

Size: 1.1 GiB Duration: 54 min Resolution: 702×480 Format video: MKV

Jacquette - 1976 - Richard Mailer_thumb

Download link:

Jacquette – 1976 – Richard Mailer.mkv

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