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I’ll Do Anything But – 1992 – Jim Enright

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I'll Do Anything But - 1992 - Jim Enright

I’ll Do Anything But

Year: 1992

What will these sex kittens do to star in an erotic movie? What will their directors expect of them? One by one these luscious ladies expose their buxom beauty and tight butts, as their horny producers fulfill their wildest fantasies. Trish likes a hard-throbbing stud who shoots his wad everywhere. Connie makes the heat rise with excitement as she welcomes a rear entry. Trish and Ruth rub each other’s mammaries until the room explodes. Find out what these sultry sex sirens won’t do for just anyone. They’re pulsating with passion, ready to do it all for you.

Performers: Chaz Vincent, Todd Alexander, Jake Steed, Shannen Steel, Shanna Rose, Sonya, TT Boy

Director: Jim Enright

Size: 1.2 GiB Duration: 76 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

I'll Do Anything But - 1992 - Jim Enright_thumb

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I’ll Do Anything But – 1992 – Jim Enright.mp4

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