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Hot Wet And Wilder – 1986 – Carter Stevens

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Hot Wet And Wilder – 1986 – Carter Stevens

Hot Wet And Wilder

Year: 1986

While masturbating in her bathtub, our heroine fades into sexual daydreams, which include a Mr. Clean knockoff who proceeds to make love to an entire kitchen. Lone Ranger and Tonto are giving our heroine a wild ride. Gold tinted aliens who show her how sexy dialing an intergalactic phone call can be and a pair of cops having a three way with their prisoner while our heroine looks on only to switch to a burglar being caught in the act and sexually ravaging him.

Performers: Eva St. Clair, Ashley Welles, Satin Summer, Kim Bernard, Marisa, Jean Val Jean, Scott Baker, Alex Ekdalh, Elliot Alan, Saud Iblis, Dave Ruby, Nina Preta, Andrea Sutton

Director: Carter Stevens

Size: 1.1 GiB Duration: 70 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

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Hot Wet And Wilder – 1986 – Carter Stevens.mp4

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