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Hot Pursuit – 1983 – Willem van Batenburg

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Hot Pursuit – 1983 – Willem van Batenburg

Hot Pursuit

Year: 1983

Annette Haven plays a recording star known for her clean-cut image. But when Annette turns up in an old porno film, everyone is hot to get their hands on it – and Annette! Nonstop action with a little something for everyone!

Performers: Abel Caine, Annette Haven, Jackie Jones, John Mann, Lola James, Mark Raymond, Michelle Norris, Mike Mason, Sam Arthur, Monique Bruno, Sidney Derko, Tanya Taylor, Wayne Nichols

Director: Willem van Batenburg

Size: 1.2 GiB Duration: 76 min Resolution: 692×472 Format video: MKV

Hot Pursuit – 1983 – Willem van Batenburg_thumb

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Hot Pursuit – 1983 – Willem van Batenburg.mkv

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