1980s Amber Lynn Bruce Seven Christy Canyon Dan T. Mann Francois Gail Force Greg Rome Heather Wayne Karen Summer Laurie Smith Mal O'Ree Peter North Steve Drake Tom Byron USA

Hollywood Starlets – 1985 – Bruce Seven

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Hollywood Starlets – 1985 – Bruce Seven

Hollywood Starlets

Year: 1985

Performers: Amber Lynn, Bruce Seven, Christy Canyon, Dan T. Mann, Francois, Gail Force, Greg Rome, Heather Wayne, Karen Summer, Laurie Smith, Peter North, Mal O’Ree, Steve Drake, Tom Byron

Director: Bruce Seven

Size: 1.1 GiB Duration: 90 min Resolution: 576×432 Format video: AVI

Hollywood Starlets – 1985 – Bruce Seven_thumb

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Hollywood Starlets – 1985 – Bruce Seven.avi

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