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Deep Roots – 1978 – Lisa Barr

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Deep Roots – 1978 – Lisa Barr

Deep Roots

Year: 1978

Written and directed by Joe Bardo under his pseudonym Lisa Barr, Deep Roots is about a Native American played by Jesse Chacan who leaves his reservation to seek a new life because heโ€™s bored and heads off to Hollywood on his motorcycle to see how other people live. While in Hollywood he gets a swanky pad and meets an assortment of lovely young ladies: He enjoys a torrid fireplace tryst with Joan, makes sweet love to eager teenager Sue, and gets down to business with the virginal Rene in a bathtub.

The movie features rare performances from the busty Anita Sands and famed stripper and gangster mol Liz Renay who was a one time girlfriend of Mickey Cohen and would later star in the John Waters film Desperate Living. Deep Roots was restored in 2k from 35mm film elements and re-released by Vinegar Syndrome.

Performers: Amazing Ricardo, Anita Sands, Debbie Love, Jesse Adams, Jesse Chacan, Mary Swan, Toni Bell

Director: Lisa Barr

Size: 2.6 GiB Duration: 76 min Resolution: 1280×720 Format video: MP4

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Deep Roots – 1978 – Lisa Barr.mp4

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