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Deep Dish Booty Pie – 1996 – Rex Borsky

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Deep Dish Booty Pie - 1996 - Rex Borsky

Deep Dish Booty Pie

Year: 1996

Deep Dish booty Pie includes hot backdoor fucking and cock sucking sluts. The only thing baking in this dish is booty! Hardcore XXX anal action and orgy action, facials and nasty chicks serving up something hotter than Mom’s apple pie! So cum and get your helping, you’ll be coming back for seconds and thirds!

Performers: Breanna Bliss, Marc Wallice, Missy, Papillon, Rene, Suzi Suzuki, Tatiana, Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi, TT Boy

Director: Rex Borsky

Size: 1.1 GiB Duration: 75 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

Deep Dish Booty Pie - 1996 - Rex Borsky_thumb

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Deep Dish Booty Pie – 1996 – Rex Borsky.mp4

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