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Butt Bongo Bonanza – 1993 – Loretta Sterling

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Butt Bongo Bonanza - 1993 - Loretta Sterling

Butt Bongo Bonanza

Year: 1993

It’s a typical day in the life of radio personality Howard Squirm. He tries to do his wife anally, then he tries to do his assistant anally, and everybody falls all over each other trying to do each other anally. Is it really a typical day though? With every scene an anal, you tell me! This movie is an unmatched anal escapade! You’ve read the book… now see the movie!

Performers: Alana, Axinia, Cosmo, Don Fernando, Julia Channel, Loretta Sterling, Pamela Dee, Peter North

Director: Loretta Sterling

Size: 787 Mb Duration: 84 min Resolution: 640×426 Format video: MP4

Butt Bongo Bonanza - 1993 - Loretta Sterling_thumb

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Butt Bongo Bonanza – 1993 – Loretta Sterling.mp4

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