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Babylon Blue – 1983 – Henri Pachard

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Babylon Blue – 1983 – Henri Pachard

Babylon Blue

Year: 1983

Early morning: Martin (Joey Silvera) is released from prison… He served six months for receiving money for sex… Big money… He’s a first class gigolo. When Missie (Sharon Kane) picks him up and takes him home, he’s right back where he began. Missie has created New York’s newest and most sensational House of Pleasure…. For women as well as men. Martin s the new, hot attraction for women. Cheryl (Bridget Through a series of sexual events, we see the empire build into a fast-paced, erotic journe Both Bridgette Monet and Joey Silvera want out. However, Sharon Kane needs them both, so she devises methods of keeping them on the job. She puts Bridgette to work with “Jack,” another male hooker… But it backfires. They fall in love and leave Sharon Kane with our hero, Martin. What Sharon didn’t expect really does her in… She falls in love… The empire closes. Martin and Missie look at themselves for the first time, and at each other…

Performers: Alan Adrian, Alexis X, Bridgette Monet, David Cannon, Henri Pachard, Jacqueline Lorians, Joanna Storm, Joey Silvera, Michael Bruce, Michael Gaunt, Sharon Kane, Tish Ambrose

Director: Henri Pachard

Size: 644 Mb Duration: 74 min Resolution: 704×480 Format video: MKV

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