1990s Anal Billy Glide Brooke Ashley Caressa Savage Chandler Christian Steele Delphine Lavelle Devlin Weed Jeremy Iron Jonathan Morgan Lexi Leigh USA

Assy 3 – 1997 – Jim Powers

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Assy 3 - 1997 - Jim Powers

Assy 3

Year: 1997

Lose Weight Fast with our all new anal workout. Two Fool Proof Ways to Cure Cold Feet! A dick up your Ass and a Dick in your Pussy! Viewers Questions Answered: “My husband doesn’t satisfy me.” That’s OK, your girlfrien can!

Performers: Billy Glide, Brooke Ashley, Caressa Savage, Chandler, Christian Steele, Delphine Lavelle, Devlin Weed, Jeremy Iron, Jonathan Morgan, Lexi Leigh

Director: Jim Powers

Size: 746 Mb Duration: 80 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

Assy 3 - 1997 - Jim Powers_thumb

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Assy 3 – 1997 – Jim Powers.mp4

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