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Angel Buns – 1981 – Jim Buckley

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Angel Buns - 1981 - Jim Buckley

Angel Buns

Year: 1981

By sprinkling a little angel dust in the right places, Angel Buns is able to earn her wings as Angel First Class by allowing Sydney, our depressed and sexually inept hero, to experience lust and eroticism that is truly out of this world.

Angel and mortal spend a week of sexual experimentation during which time Sydney is able to act out every heavenly fantasy that he ever dreamt of, plus a few that he didn’t even know existed. Society’s rules and taboos are voided as heaven and earth merge into an orgasm of sensuality that has to be seen to be believed.

Performers: Angelina Flores, Brenda Brooks, David Valfer, Diana May, Edward French, George Payne, Jerry Butler, Jody Silver, Lisa Beth, Mary Jane Mize, Philip Silver, R. Bolla, Ron Jeremy, Tiffany Clark, Veronica Hart

Director: Jim Buckley

Size: 1 GiB Duration: 84 min Resolution: 720×480 Format video: MP4

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