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Anal Maniacs 3 – 1995 – Jonathan Morgan

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Anal Maniacs 3 - 1995 - Jonathan Morgan

Anal Maniacs 3

Year: 1995

Also known as:
Tabitha Takes a Drive

Get in the Hot Seat! Tabitha Takes a Drive…

You’ve come to expect it. When you’re looking for the hottest stars, the most bodacious babes, and the raunchiest all-anal action, you’ve gotta check out the Anal Maniacs! AM3 serves up the delicious Tabitha, in an expose that’ll have you spankin’ the monkey like there’s no tomorrow. Butt that’s not all! You haven’t lived till you’ve feasted your eyes on the ever-inviting upturned asses of Missy, Heather, and Stacy. So come on! This is one ride you won’t want to miss.

Performers: Heather Lee, Jake Steed, Jonathan Morgan, Missy, Stacy Nichols, Tabitha, Tom Chapman

Director: Jonathan Morgan

Size: 1 GiB Duration: 80 min Resolution: 640×480 Format video: MP4

Anal Maniacs 3 - 1995 - Jonathan Morgan_thumb

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Anal Maniacs 3 – 1995 – Jonathan Morgan.mp4

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